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Temperature sensor for outdoor installation

Temperature sensor for outdoor installation
Outdoor temperature sensor with NTC sensing element to be used in combination with ekinex® KNX devices equipped with an analog input (or configurable as [AI]) to measure the temperature. The sensing element is protected by a plastic sheath and inserted in a housing with high degree of IP protection; the sensing element is positioned on the bottom of the housing, making this product particularly suitable for detecting the outdoor air mass temperature, for example to realize a compensated regulation or for measuring the outdoor temperature and send it on the KNX bus for information purposes. The housing, with cable gland, includes within it the connecting terminal block; the electrical connection with the ekinex® KNX device is realized by a two-wire cable (not included in delivery).
• Sensing element: NTC (10 kΩ ±1% at 25°C, ß = 3435)
• Environmental and operating conditions:
- operating temperature: −40°C...+100°C
- relative humidity: 0...100%
Required for the ekinex KNX device to which the temperature sensor is connected