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The Testcase is a convenient tool made available by ekinex to all KNX technicians and system integrators, which allows them to:
  • Evaluate ekinex devices and test their features
  • Perform functional demonstrations and show devices to customers
The Testcase is equipped with the following basic set of devices:
  • EK-AG1-TP 640mA Power supply with auxiliary power output
  • EK-ED2-TP 4-fold pushbutton
  • EK-BD1-TP USB-KNX Interface
Following components are also part of the set:
  • 230V AC fused mains input plug, with switch
The devices are all wired and programmed in such a way as to build a simple demonstrative installation, that can be shown to customers who need to be introduced to the KNX system, as well as reprogrammed or rewired in order to experiment with the many features of ekinex KNX devices.
The Testcase is also ready to accommodate several optional units that can also be purchased separately at a later moment. A typical configuration might be as follows:
  • EK-FE1-TP 8-channel output module (4 shutter/blinds outputs)
  • EK-GA1-TP 2-channel dimmer
  • EK-BD1-TP USB-KNX Interface
  • EK-EC2-TP Touch&See Control unit
  • EK-EP2/EQ2-TP Ambient thermostat with LCD display
  • Up to 4 rail mounted devices, each 4 modular units wide. For instance:
    • EK-CA1-TP 8-channel digital input module
    • EK-FA1-TP 4-channel digital output module
    • EK-IA1-TP CoDeSys PLC module
    • EK-HXX-TP HVAC control modules
This expansion capability allows the Testcase to be configured in a way that is most suitable according to the requirements of every technician and of every practical task at hand.

Ekinex provides the assembly and wiring of the devices according to customer specifications.

In the picture an example of possible composition.

In order to receive information on how to purchase a Testcase, please send us an e-mail at the address: