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FAQ - Installation

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How do I connect the ekinex® bus devices?
The ekinex® bus devices of the TP family are networked with a bus cable shielded and twisted. You can use cables with one or two pairs of wires (for instance YCYM 1x2x0,8mm or YCYM 2x2x0,8mm). Conventionally the red wire is connected to the positive (+) polarity, the black wire to the negative (-) polarity. In order to ensure a safe communication among the bus devices use always a KNX cable.
Do I have necessarily to use KNX terminal blocks to connect ekinex® devices to the bus line?
All ekinex® bus devices are equipped as standard with a KNX terminal block. The terminal block and the bus cable are part of a unique concept of quick and error-free connection: the cable has rigid conductors and the terminal block spring contacts (instead of screws); in addition the terminal block is codified with the same colors (black/red) as the conductors. The bare conductor is simply inserted into the spring cage and is automatically locked.
May I install the signal bus cable together with the power cable 230Vac?
Yes, you can lay the two cables in the same wall duct as long as it is kept the cable insulation. If the insulation of the bus cable is removed, it is necessary to observe a minimum distance of 4 mm between the bus conductors and the power cable 230Vac.
Which preliminary installation work do I need for a ekinex® system?
It is adviceable to install additional wall boxes at the points where you plan to have end devices to be controlled or bus sensors; to lay the KNX bus cable reaching all points of control and derivation; to install distribution boards with enough space (estimated number of modular units) for bus devices for mounting rail according to EN 60715.