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FAQ - ekinex®

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How does an ekinex® device differ from traditional devices used for the electrical installation?
Like every KNX product, the ekinex® bus devices have an electronic core that allows a lot more. Such an intelligent device can receive and send information from/to other devices and has also the capacity to elaborate and store information. It can be configured, parameterized and therefore tailored to the special requirements of any customer and building.
Which are the characteristics that distinguish ekinex® pushbuttons from the traditional ones?
The ekinex® pushbuttons have large rockers that make them very easy to operate. Each rocker can be customized with a symbol or a text that allows an immediate understanding of the function performed. The LEDs integrated in the device give a clear indication of the switching state and can be used as an orientation light, making the pushbuttons easy to find at night or in low light conditions.
How do communicate the ekinex® devices?
The ekinex® devices share a transmission medium and a communication protocol. For devices of the TP family the transmission medium is a simple signal cable with one or two pairs of twisted wires especially developed and certified for use in KNX installations. The KNX communication protocol consists in a common language and the set of rules for exchanging messages through the transmission medium. Both are completely defined in the KNX standard.
Can I combine ekinex® devices with other KNX products on the same installation?
Yes, that is one of the strenghts of beeing part of a worldwide standard like KNX. If you do not find a desired function on the ekinex® catalogue, simply browse the catalogues of other KNX manufacturers. With more than 300 companies associated, the KNX product offer is virtually unlimited.
Who can guarantee that KNX devices from different manufacturers really communicate with each other?
This ability of bus devices to “talk and understand” a common language is known as interoperability. The interoperability of KNX devices is guaranteed by the certification procedure. KNX Association defined a certification scheme that requires conformity tests carried out by KNX accredited third party test labs. A certified device is recognizable by the presence of the KNX trademark on the product.
Given the rapid evolution of technology, is there any risk of not finding spare parts in a few years?
The KNX standard – on which is based the development of ekinex® devices - is a proven technology that has been on the market for over 20 years. Since the early '90s more than 300 manufacturers from different industrial fields joined the KNX Association, greatly expanding the product offer and ensuring the development of the system and a variety of solutions mutually interchangeable, thanks to the advantages of an "open system".